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Marieke van Hamond has built an excellent reputation with her creative ideas, eye for design and impeccable attention to detail. Her enthusiastic personality, combined with a genuine commitment makes every event Fabulous.


Prior to Fabulous Weddings and Events, she spent five years as a city coordinator for the government in the Netherlands and in Curaçao. This included coordinating different kinds of parades and events in the city to making sure that all the trash is picked up out of the city and being President of community advisory groups to making sure that a city construction place is safe for people that pass by.


Marieke was born and raised in Tilburg, south of the Netherlands, and holds a bachelor degree from the Fontys Eindhoven in Management, Economics and Law. Just before starting Fabulous Weddings and Events she started an official course for Wedding Planners to be registered at LWPI, she is determined to upgrade her knowledge in this branch so she will be constantly on top of the newest developments.



Marieke is known in Curaçao and Holland for her fresh and innovative approach to wedding planning. Being the Managing Director and Creative inspiration of the company gives her the opportunity to arrange the entire event with ease. Her friendly and effective communication with the wedding parties, families of the couple and all guests involved have made her events a joyous occasion for both clients and their guests. She beleives having a small yet selective client list helps her maintain a personal connection with her clients that provides an unparalleled level of service.

Marieke has lived and traveled abroad extensively which has provided her the opportunity to be versed and familiar with the best design aesthetics and ceremony rituals the world has to offer. Her familiarity with so many international design and ceremony concepts can help couples tailor an event to their own cultural heritage or have a uniquely designed event to make their day truly one to be remembered.

After long days of work Marieke enjoys the relaxing Caribbean lifestyle with her own family that includes two beautiful young girls and a dog named "Guus".